Spring Update

We continue to campaign against the rail cutting full infill planning application which is currently still undecided. We understand the developer is reconsidering the pending planning application.

We are still fundraising for a full feasibility study of the three phases of the proposed Greenside Greenway route.

Greenside Greenway Progress Update

Even though we will have a little while to wait until the outcome of the planning application, we are confident that the full infill of the railway cutting will be rejected by Leeds City Council.

Again, thanks to all our supporters for submitting objections, at the last count we were well over 350! If you know anyone that still needs to submit one, it appears the portal is still open!

In anticipation of the planning application being rejected, we are pressing ahead with obtaining funding for the feasibility study. To that end, Andrew, David, and Martin met on 4th December, with representatives of Sustrans to talk about possible avenues. We are still in need of a fundraising coordinator, so if you think that could be you please get in touch by emailing greensidegreenway@gmail.com.

Our plan now is to contact organisations that have previously told us they may be able to match fund some of the cost. Once we know how much they are prepared to match fund, we will know how much we need to raise as an organisation.

We welcome any help or suggestions, so if you have any ideas for funding, please do get in touch.

Thank you

Many thanks to the 370 community residents, Councillors, Members of Parliament, Sustrans, Yorkshire wildlife Trust, Highways England (who own and maintain the tunnel and road bridge ), Leeds City Council Transport Policy and Conservation departments for their comments / objections.
What this full infill application did was make residents aware of the future possibilities for the redundant rail line as well as the history, heritage,and wildlife issues in Pudsey.
We now await Leeds City Council Outer West / South Planning Officer report and date for the panel meeting.
It seems that anyone else wanting to comment / object can still do via the council portal site up to 30th November 2018.
Once again many thanks for the time and effort in the objections.
Greenside Greenway Committee.

Deadline for full infill objections extended to 13th November

Hi everyone, some good news. Due to the massive response (290 objections thus far), and issues with the online submission portal, the City Council have extended the deadline for submissions to 13th November 2018. This date is valid for submissions via the portal, email or letter.

Full instructions on how to object can be found on our previous announcement here: Instructions on how to object.