Planning objection submitted

The group have submitted an objection to the current planning application for the two semi-detached houses currently being built. You will see from the objection statement below, that we are not against the building of the houses, just that thought needs to be put into how the retaining wall is constructed so that it would not prevent the construction of the greenway at a later date.

The closing date for comments is Monday 17th May.

To view and comment, head to and search for 21/02106/FU.

Greenside Greenway objection:

We note the previous planning history of the site and surroundings:

16/04825/FU – 8 dwellings on the site of old garage – approved
17/02642/FU – Partial infilling of railway cutting with inert material – approved
18/05570/FU – Full infill of former railway cutting – refused
20/05470/FU – two semi detached houses – approved
21/02106/FU – one pair of semi detached houses – Current application

We wish to object to the current planning application on the grounds that engineering detail regarding the retaining wall in the former railway cutting has not been supplied.

The Greenside Greenway group is proposing that the old Pudsey Loop Railway Line is repurposed as a greenway for pedestrians, wheelchair users, runners, cyclists, and horse riders. The proposed route runs through the Greenside Tunnel and continues through the cutting that adjoins the site in question. We have recently supplied to the council a feasibility study completed by Sustrans that confirms that a greenway utilising the greenside tunnel and former railway line is both technically and financially feasible. 

It is essential that the council mandate that the construction of the 2 semi detached houses and the associated retaining wall will not prejudice the removal of the partial infill of material in the cutting that may be required if the greenway goes ahead. If the council fails to do this, it will go against their own policies of improving active travel links.

The officer’s report of a previous application (20/05470/FU) incorrectly stated that the design of the retaining wall was only a matter for building control as it would be concealed once the rest of the cutting had been filled in. A negligent omission from the report being the fact that a recent application to fully infill the cutting had been refused by the council (18/05570/FU), with significant local objection. The assumption should therefore be that the cutting would remain unfilled and thus the retaining wall should be amenable in both a visual and structural capacity.

We also note the partial infill plan (17/02642/FU) bears little resemblance to the current infill and the proposed site plan (21/02106/FU) highlights the extent to which the development has encroached onto land created by the current infill. It is therefore requested that the foundations for any retaining wall are secured into the bank of the original cutting (as it was prior to partial infill), and not any loose material that has been tipped in the last 4 years.

This will have two effects:
Ensure that the retaining wall is structurally sound eliminating risk of subsidence of the pair of houses currently being built.
Ensure that if any material from the partial infill is removed for future greenway construction, it will not jeopardise the structural integrity of the retaining wall.

Visit with Tong councillors

Last week, David, Martin, and Gary from the Greenside Greenway group met with Tong councillors Kausar Mukhtar and Alan Wainwright to show them the proposed route of the Greenway.

While the greenway will sit predominantly in the Pudsey ward, routes that connect to it will pass through the Tong ward.

Both Alan and Kausar were enthusiastic about the scheme and the potential links and benefits it could bring to people in the communities they represent.

Campaign Update – May 2020

In these unprecedented times, some good news can work wonders, so here it is!

On 9th March, the Greenside Greenway group held our AGM at the Royal in Pudsey. Over 40 people packed into the top room to hear updates on the project and our plans for the upcoming year.

Main highlights from the past year have been:

  • Regular litter picks along the proposed route. These will continue once lockdown regulations allow.
  • The developer applied for full infill of the railway cutting, which we vehemently opposed and campaigned against. Earlier in the year we heard that planning permission had been rejected.
  • And finally, news that we had raised the required sum (approximately £10,000) for the feasibility study, and were in the process of instructing Sustrans to begin. The first official site meeting being on 12th March 2020.

The meeting also agreed to re-elect existing committee members and roles and formally elect Gary Lemal as Vice Chair , and Lee Carter and Chris Dunford Kelk as committee members. Martin Stanley was elected as Secretary as David Dowden stood down from this position. We are also looking for any new members who can be of assistance and We also sought two auditors for the accounts and both Tim Devereux and Mark Sewards were elected for this role.

Future plans include:

  • A proposal to apply for Charitable Status. Gary Lemal introduced this item and explained the reasons behind the proposal., which will also entail the election of Trustees. The proposal was voted on and accepted.


We thanked in particular The Squeaker for the two-page report from which a lot of fundraising was generated. The Fleece and Sunbeam Brewery for their drinkable contribution, and major fundraiser pledges to the feasibility study costs from The Historical Railway Estate (HRE), Leeds City Council, and Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

Guest Speaker Cllr Peter Carlill, who is the lead member for LCC on Sustainable Travel then gave us a brief update on the sustainable ambitions of the council. Peter then took a number of varied questions before we brought the meeting to a close.

Finally, we would also like to thank the Royal Public House who again provided the meeting room and facilities for this event.

Annual General Meeting 2020

MONDAY 9th MARCH 2020, 7.30pm.


This is a public meeting and all are welcome to attend.

Among the business to be conducted, the AGM will:

  • consider reports from existing Committee members: Chair; Treasurer; Publicity officer. This will included detailed updates on all our activities this year.
  • Proposal to apply for charity status and elect Trustees.
  • Elect Trustees / Committee members for 2020-21.
  • Consider and agree new constitution

Officers/Trustee positions are Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Officer, Membership Secretary.

Additionally there are vacancies other Committee members who may fill specialised roles.

Post AGM activities

Further activities are scheduled following the AGM and we hope you will be able to stay for a drink.

– Invited speakers, including Cllr Peter Carlill, Lead Member for Active Travel for Leeds City Council and member of The Combined Authority

Full Infill Planning Permission Refused

This weekend saw a big step forward in our plans for the Greenside Greenway. The full infill application, that would have scuppered the whole project, was refused by Leeds City Council.

The two official documents outlining the reasons for refusal can be found at the links below.

Officer Report

Refusal of Planning Permission

Despite the good news, it is important to remember that this decision can still be appealed, and that the application was refused because it did not adhere to council planning policies, not because the council are supporting the greenway.

We still have work to do.


Please object to the building of a new road in the Tong and Fulneck Valley

Please support our friends at Save Tong and Fulneck Valley and object to Bradford Council’s plan to build a road across the Tong and Fulneck Valley, which in turn will allow them build houses and industrial units.

In our view this will destroy Black Carr Woods and precious greenbelt.

A document is linked below. Please print it off, sign, and send to the address on the front page or drop off at the collection point at the BankHouse Pub. It is also possible to email the form to

Click here to download the document

Please be quick, the deadline is Tuesday, 24th September.

More litter picks

We have scheduled another three litter picks.

All will take place at 10am on the following dates.

28th Sept – Crimbles Place, Lowtown
26th Oct – Crawshaw Road nr. Zebra Crossing
30th Nov – Fox & Grapes

Please wear gloves and bring any litter pickers if you have them.